Topic: OMG Application: yG6ll7

Username: yG6ll7
Aliases: yG6ll7 or yG
Time Played: Almost 5 years.
Previous clans: N/A
Strengths: High Rubber, Average at Loose.
Weaknesses: Sumo
Why did you choose {OMG}?: I know some of your members, we get along pretty well.
How would you benefit {OMG}?: I would have a group to scrim with and talk to.
Were you referred by one of our members?: No, not really.
Tell us about yourself: yG are my initials of my name, i'm in college. Play this game to pass time and cause I love the idea, watched both movies. I'm a double binder, mostly keyboard and mouse, but can also play with a controller hooked up to the PC.