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Topic: Natsumi app

hi head and other omg players i know i wanna give app to omg another try so can i join rest is up to u guys

Aliases:Venice,Shatter,Shiver,Vladmier,Natsumi and Savage
Time Played: 3 YEARS
Previous Clans: Zz~clan,oops team,Rq~ and Cm|
Strengths: i can do loose traps and other types
Weaknesses: i cant dig so good
Why did you choose {OMG}?: cause i've always wanna be in OMG but they didnt accept my app and now i am giving it another try:P
How would you benefit {OMG}?: i am online most of the time and i will help u guys as u would help me
Were you referred by one of our members?: Yes,{OMG}HeadHunter said that u wanna give joinig {OMG} another try?
Tell us about yourself: im natsumi im from asia and i am 12

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