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Topic: tom petty's fan third apply

username: tom petty fan
Aliases: neil young fan
time played: 1 year
previous clans:none
strengths: fast track
weaknesses: small grids like sumo
why did you choose {omg}? :omg was the first clan on tron i saw and they were very nice.
how would you benefit {omg}? : I would help people to answer questions they had and help them learn how to play.
were you referred by one of our members: no
tell us about yourself: i enjoy chatting in games to people and i also like listening to music while playing armagetron. i also like using blender game engine and im also working on a os on a linux terminal.

Re: tom petty's fan third apply

played tron from about 2 years.

I want to join omg because of how nice they are to players and i want to make new players feel that this game is a friendly game!

Re: tom petty's fan third apply

Thank you omg clan for being the nicest players i met on tron!

Re: tom petty's fan third apply

Tom Make a new post, copy this and redo it fill everything out.

Time Played:
Previous clans:
Why did you choose {OMG}?:
How would you benefit {OMG}?:
Were you referred by one of our members?:
Tell us about yourself:

Re: tom petty's fan third apply

Follow the above post instructions provided by NotDeso or your application will NOT count.

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