Re: Jesus What A Year

Aye Mates,

As I have said on the shoutbox I haven't been here in awhile. Came on when I saw Head talking with some other kid who wanted to join the clan. Got me wondering about what's been happening apropos to this. How have you all been getting along? You seem to have a steady supply of new people joining the forums. I've seen some pretty optimistic (and pessimistic) posts while exploring the new threads that have been created. Especially loved Nate's "NEW LEADER" thread. +Support for that by the way LOL! When I came back I was also very glad to see you kept the designs and all that I put on the website when Blair first made it. Still looks sexy as hell. Congratulations on Administrator Litron. Might want to update that roster blair tongue.

Anyways, Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing.