Topic: A detailed breakdown of some sicknasty cringe

Cringe always hits you when you least expect it, so enjoy it when you come in contact with it (or them). Here I give a brief analysis of some that hit me like a truck (though I wish it had been a truck instead LOL!)


First thing that catches the eye is the awesome binary background, honestly what computer genius isn't fluent in binary? Well... Fungus that's who LOL!

We see that Fungus has the same repeating binaries over and over, great if you thought a bunch of Ñ's in binary would be a cool background. Otherwise, not so much... Giving credit where credit is due, at least it's the right amount of digits.

User accessibility

This is quite an innovative idea for those who don't know how to find out what their own OS version is. Kali should really understand the ineptitude of their users and add the version to the background picture for all future releases.

An oddity

Is Fungus planning on taking this nigga Jason to court? Regardless, that basic bitch desktop environment with a faux-techie background makes for some hilarious juxtaposition 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Words of wisdom

Every word is capitalized. That is the joke LOL! This is something I haven't seen since elementary school.

Also, I think it's worth noting that at this page, Holger Stumm says:

"Kali has also invented the motto: “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear"

Although this nigga knows proper capitalization, further research shows it was a world renowned bomb terrorist known as Ram Dass, pictured here in a very pleasing light (obviously to push the propaganda that all bomb people are peaceful), that coined the phrase, undoubtedly referring to all the "Aloha Ackbars" being shouted out there in Bomb Country.

Closing words

In recent events, it seems as if Fungus has taken a dislike to some friendly criticism, taking the course of action any cuck would.

Telling someone online to go kill themselves over a joke is in and of itself toxic. I regret to inform the community that I don't really take requests so I will decline. We here at OMG love you Fungus and appreciate the contribution that you have given and look forward to seeing you around more.

DISCLAIMER: All characters and events depicted in this post are entirely fictitious until proven quilty.

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