Topic: [ACCEPTED] App by my personal self

Username: Bullet (Older members know me) o.o
Aliases: Bull
Time Played: Before i had pubes (Longtime/cantremember.about7yearsrly)
Previous clans: uhh cant remember names, was in vZ' short time before it died df clan i owned with bam o/ and (others)
Strengths: You cant beat me
Weaknesses: Lag
Why did you choose {OMG}?: Last hr clan left and some cool ppl i know
How would you benefit {OMG}?: Im friendly most of the time, and it depends on what kind of beefits you want wink)
Were you referred by one of our members?: well deso aki rn but back in time im pretty sure most of the old memebers asked
Tell us about yourself: Yo i'm an okay person, i hate people that tell me what to do in hr like "PLAY LOOSE STABS ARE FOR NOOBS"

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Re: [ACCEPTED] App by my personal self

LOL NOOB <3 Biebs

Re: [ACCEPTED] App by my personal self

Your application has been accepted. Welcome to the clan.

Don't take anything I say personally, I'm only the manager.