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Topic: My re-application for {OMG} ;p

Username: Aki°

Aliases: Akillian, Akill

Global ID: Akillian@forums

Time Played:3-4 years i'd guess

Previous clans:{OMG}, £n:

Strengths:HR, Loose, Speed, Pt's

Weaknesses: Sumo

Why did you choose {OMG}?:{OMG} been becoming a bigger and better clan and now that df and the clan £n is dead so wanna re-join the original clan i was first in.

How would you benefit {OMG}?: Idk lol im a good, old player that knows a good amount about the grid

Were you referred by one of our members?: Well i guess head said he'd accept me but he said he'll have to ask lol

Tell us about yourself: 18, male, alaska timezone, unemployed, graduated, over 100,000 minutes into the grid too LOL!

Re: My re-application for {OMG} ;p

Your application has been accepted. Welcome to the clan.

Don't take anything I say personally, I'm only the manager.