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Topic: Application by Con

Username: Con
Aliases: Con/Kiija
Time Played:On and off for 7 years, took a 2 year break once, just started back up a couple months ago smile
Previous clans: No previous clans, was always a lone wolf
Strengths: Well concentrated player who is determined to defeat opponents and knows my way around traps, quad binding, well reaction time
Weaknesses: Even though I have been a long time player and know what I'm doing, I never had anyone teach me what my traps were called. This is very embarrassing but I would like to learn what these traps are called. Just give me a chance and you can see what I do.
Why did you choose {OMG}?: I chose {OMG} because I love the people associated with the clan and I believe this is one of if not the best clan in Arma. I believe I would be a good fit in this clan.
How would you benefit {OMG}?: I could represent {OMG} in a positive way by showing how well this clan is put together and the skills it takes to join.
Were you referred by one of our members?: {OMG} Common, and somewhat Headhunter/Blitz
Tell us about yourself: I am a 15 year old gamer from the East Coast USA and have been a frequent gamer for around 9 years. I have experience in big clans, as I used to be in Call of Duty trickshotting clans with over 600k subscribers on Youtube, such as Dare. I am a very funny, sarcastic guy with a passion for gaming and having fun with friends. I am very mature for a Freshmen in Highschool and I hope you guys can give me a chance for such a great opportunity. Thank you for your time!

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Re: Application by Con

Gl mate idek you and i'm scared that I've not met you even though I've been playing as long as you!(weird)