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Topic: Please dont download this

it's 100% a virus

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Re: Please dont download this

Nice... couldn't trick my machine
What does it do? For this, I use my virtual machine.
So a dialog comes up, that's it? "Bob service" lol
Is it a virus? I don't think so, but it is suspiciously large for just doing that. And, it has stuff from ApacheBench in it, which is bizzare (and also not a virus).

Re: Please dont download this

Nelg I don't know if its a virus really its encoded in a virus like encoder so would be detected as Trojan horse etc. My avg didn't let me upload it at first xDDD

Re: Please dont download this

LOL firefox has cache of them AVG just killedd xD Here nelg bet ya cant run my techy virus recking machine xD

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Re: Please dont download this

Nelg, why :c