Topic: The moderators abuse.

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Hi guys and gals and welcome to the world of Armagetron Advanced!

Here's P4@ct/jedi aka braCo of crazy-tronners.com. Glad to see yet another HR server with such an interesting setup. It seems that you are pretty new squad on the grid thus wishing all the best driving the challenging servers in the future.

The reason I decided to drop a line here is that one of my IP addresses has just been banned from {OMG}High Rubber server by a random newb of {OMG}Kitty<3 only because she thought that swastika (my usual resting moves: 卍) relates to the Hitler somehow, eh… Keep in mind that this is ancient symbol of the Sun, prosperity, Mithra and many other (details).

I'm mature enough to not spam your server with a random dynamic IP addresses originating from multiple different autonomous systems for banning abuse but please verify who you are giving the moderator powers to because such an unreasonable foolish behaviour only leads us users to think that {OMG} Clan is nothing more than a bunch of uneducated idiots who bring the drama with no reason. And I am sure it is completely wrong statement.

Therefore I believe that you make a progress here reviewing your goals on the trade.

Once again, all the best and good luck with easy ease.
Meet you on the grid, cheers! (-: