Topic: Summer....its almost over

So summer of 2016, was it good or bad? curious to see how other people's summer turned out... hope you had fun and did fun stuff! as for me, it sucked, but didnt LOL! but yeah.. Any plans for the future or something?well i hope everyone had an eventful summer or something like that. so yeahh... really excited that we have 2 servers that we can call are own, the sumo and HR, which is pretty cool...

nobody uses these forums and that is something that makes me really sad sad

Re: Summer....its almost over

summer blew ass for me too homie, still going tho. concerning plans, i'm gonna be working on a project or two with a friend soon and i gotta learn how to replicate the human body, which so far is just as easy as painting the mona lisa with only my ass. what do you got planned in life, human