Topic: 2016/wrap/future

hey yo,
I don't know who still looks at the forums but here is a sort of a brief message to those who still go on-
My year has been a real roller coaster, been lots of ups and downs, so im just wondering if one word to describe the year for you, what word would it be? Mine would a roller coaster ride (so maybe 2-3 words max then)?
I hope that everyone (currently viewing) had a good year, even though it might have been rough, it's over (thank god(?)). … /giphy.gif
^^ link to describe 2016 in my opinion --

A fresh start  for everyone and I hope that you all had a chance to complete some of the goals that you set early on in 2016, so i guess in that mind, i hope that everyone has a new resolution for the upcoming year - but yeah, I hope that nobody had a rough year or holidays - only merry ones! I hope to see more people here and that the OMG clan - (grow (?) ) will be more active and that we will have some fun times ahead! I hope (this is like the 20th time i have used this word - hope (im just replacing the word with H, so i don't have to write it anymore) that everyone has a great new year! Even though it might suck that a certain somebody is in power (not going in the whole politics mumble jumble) but it is def not the end of the world yikes but mmm, i hope that everyone will enjoy a joyful celebration harking (lol) the new year smile

so yeah, i dont know if i conveyed my thoughts that well i H - tho

as for me im probably not going to be active in the game but I plan to make a return wink

so ooo ooo o o o o  o


happy 2017 smile

nobody uses these forums and that is something that makes me really sad sad