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Well, I just got back from Cambodia, I have the Chess World Open tournament in D.C. in a week, but other than that, not much! Trying to stay occupied by doing some coding stuff (and ofc tron ) smile

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well thanks for asking you whore wink i am going home on the fourth of july, i iwll be on a boat on a lake with a bunch of the lady friends drinking watching fireworks. ill upload some pics xD. other than that just working out and militry shit ;/ and ofc TRON! what about you?


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Well ima be away to camp for 2 months, hence the "imma be afk for 2-3 months" and will be doing some projects for school and read some books! Listening to many different tunes i hope and enjoying the awesome heat (Jk) and yeah--

heres a link of something special if you want to have a laugh lol!


Personally i found it funny--


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hahaha nice one HUMAN you whore xD


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Alright peace guys--

take care and may the force be with you in tron.