Topic: Application

Time Played:About 4 months
Previous clans:None
Strengths:well rounded
Why did you choose {OMG}?:Because i like the clan and the members are very active and the players are good so i wanna also improve my skills
How would you benefit {OMG}?:My skills will improve and i will become a better player and ill have a fun time with the members
Were you referred by one of our members?:Bob
Tell us about yourself:i play about 2 hours a day more/less i have been playing about 4 months but im a fast learner so im a alright player i still have alot to learn so thats why i wanna join {OMG} because i can further my skills

Re: Application

Denied. Please vacate the premises or you will be escorted out.

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Re: Application

Don't listen to royce, he has no authority to deny

EDIT: Although you probably wont be in. Go back to your own home.